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The City of Largo is home to over 82,000 residents and a land mass of nearly 19 square miles, including 640 acres of parkland. The City of Largo is in the heart of Pinellas County geographically located on the west coast of Florida, approximately 15 miles west of Tampa, immediately west of Tampa Bay. Largo is part of the Tampa Bay Metropolitan Statistical Area with a population of 2,915,000.
The area now known as Pinellas County was first inhabited by the Timucua Indians, one of four tribes in Florida. However, it wasn’t until 1823 before Pinellas County saw its first permanent settler. A steady stream of settlers moved to the area throughout the 1800s and it was 1886, when the Orange Belt Railroad was coming through the area that residents came together to give their community a name and chose to name their town Largo. Because of its central location and rich farmlands, Largo quickly became the center of the area’s citrus industry, earning the title “Citrus City.” Largo citrus was being shipped by the ton to eager customers in the North. The town was officially incorporated in 1905, and in 1913 became the first town in Florida – and second in the nation – to adopt a town manager form of government.
Today, Largo is the fourth largest city in Tampa Bay Market and the 28th largest city in Florida thanks to a great quality of life for its residents, and affordable cost of living and proximity to a vast network of diversified businesses. Over the last decade, the City has developed such landmark projects as Largo Central Park, the Largo Cultural Center and the Largo Public Library. Downtown redevelopment is currently underway, as evidenced by the changes to West Bay Drive and the Clearwater-Largo Road Streetscaping project. From the days of its pioneer roots to today, Largo remains a City of Progress.

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